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1. How Often Should I Get a Dental Checkup?

Every person has different dental health as it varies from person to person; adults should follow a simple rule to visit a dentist once or twice a year, irrespective of their mouth’s condition. By following this rule, you can maintain excellent oral health by getting your teeth professionally cleaned on a regular basis.

2. How Can I Improve the Whiteness of My Teeth?

Having clean and white teeth gives you huge confidence providing you with a beautiful smile. Majority of people go through discoloration of their teeth with time, either from internal ones or surface stains. People can treat their stains caused by tobacco, wine, coffee, and pigmented foods with professional, in-office whitening or also at-home whitening done frequently. If you have internal discoloration, you can opt for the application of veneers or composite bonding to the affected teeth, these procedures give a more permanent solution.

3. How Do I Prevent Tooth Decay, Gingivitis, and Other Problems?

If you want a healthy mouth then the best way is to follow a properly balanced diet, brushing twice daily, flossing once daily and another important part is regularly visiting the dentist. Discuss these questions with a dental professional for protecting yourself against such problems that can escalate quickly.

4. Why Should I Have Dental X-Rays Taken?

When your dentist starts your dental treatment, the first thing he should do is take a full set of dental X-rays. X-rays help doctors observe any changes happening in your teeth between appointments. Many adult patients get bitewing X-rays done every year and also get a full mouth series done every four to five years. But those who are prone to a higher risk for dental carrier issues may need these x-rays every six to 18 months.

5. When Should I Consider Dental Implants?

The best way to replace missing or weakened teeth is to have a dental implant. Remember that implants are permanent and provide an excellent alternative to dentures for people with an otherwise healthy jaw and mouth. Majority of the adult patients are great candidates for dental implants as they can help the prevention of the remaining teeth from loosening or moving.

6. Should I Use Mouthwash Regularly?

It depends on many things – there are many kinds of mouthwash. For example, Cosmetic mouthwashes give you fresh breath and also maintain a healthy tooth color, they also contain fluoride which helps in fighting cavities as well. Therapeutic rinses are helpful for the treatment of conditions such as tooth sensitivity, gingivitis, and inflammation. There are more advanced conditions also for which prescription mouthwashes are there. They kill bacteria with the help of chlorhexidine gluconate which causes inflammation, bleeding, and plaque or biofilm formation.

7. At What Age Should My Child First See a Dentist?

The American Academy of Pediatric Dentistry advises visiting the dentist as soon as the first tooth appears or on their first birthday. Studies suggest that children can have their first cavities as early as two years old. Early detection helps the dentist to save your child from getting severe dental problems.

8. When Do Baby Teeth Typically Fall Out?

Most kids start to lose their baby teeth when they reach the age of six or eight. They usually began to fall out in the same order in which they grew. Remember that all patients are different. Adult and children’s oral problems depend on how long they haven’t been to a dentist, what type of things you are normally more sensitive to and also how long a child’s baby teeth last.

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